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219 Dufferin Street, Suite 104A
Toronto, ON, M6K 3J1

Slingshot is a Toronto based graphic design firm specializing in branding, packaging design & strategy development for specialty food, gifts & high end products.

GreenSpace Brands


GreenSpace Brands

Powered By Grass

With a mission to create products that inspire and improve lives through healthier food options, GreenSpace Brands was born. They have created something special by not only building better brands but by building better relationships with retailers and consumers; doing so through involved engagement of both groups at levels never before seen. Five consumer and one corporate brand in 24 months is proof that their vision has been sound. Adding to that an IPO and a TSX stock listing, their timely response to consumer needs is proof that they have achieved their mission, and that we have achieved ours by helping to build solid brands.

Rolling Meadow Dairy

100% Canadian Grass Fed Milk. Changing consumer thought around a generations-old product is not an easy feat, and one that calls for vast education. Our task was to build a brand, but how do you distill down volumes of nutritional and product benefit information to fit onto a side panel, in two official languages? You build a micro site of course. Working with team GreenSpace, we considered how consumers would search for information, and developed – a portal for all things grass fed, and a content rich landing space. The brand website houses information typically supportive of a brand; its business mandate, products and availability. The brand's rich social media network is proof of the positive reception the product has enjoyed from both trade and consumer groups. Rolling Meadow Dairy is leading the charge in changing consumer eating habits. The line has extended to kefir, yogurt and butter, combined with strong industry partnerships the sun is shining brightly over the farm.

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Sometimes change is not easy and sometimes you just need a little nudge! GreenSpace Brands is not preachy but rather lives by the motto that small changes can affect big results over time. Nudge was designed to give the younger household members a "nudge" in the right direction. Mack (our brand mascot) was created to add fun as he leads us through adventures both near and far. In his travels he has made friends who we will all get to meet over the months to come – in other words: we are already working on brand extensions. Our design mandate included the development of a comprehensive website. Another brand created with pride.

Life Choices

Responsibly Raised Meat. Many talk about antibiotic and hormone free protein options, few however, speak of animal welfare and respect. While the Life Choices brand had already been in existence, our research showed that it had limited consumer recall. We thus embarked on a brand redesign. Our only challenge was the need to use exiting photography, our solution was to crop the shots to showcase their strength. More importantly however, we developed an information hierarchy system that clearly delineated product benefit statements. Family friendly and easy to read we carefully considered the rushed shopper with two or three kids in tow. The corresponding website is designed to become the go-to for harried households with picky eaters. Tactical ads added much needed emotional connectors through fun photography and light hearted typography. We were proud to be part of this brand refresh.

Holistic Choice Pet Food

Living a better life through healthier food choices applies to every member of the family. Working within their rigorous standards, GreenSpace Brands set out to develop a line of premium line of dog and cat food. Our job was to develop a brand architecture that supported the business mandate – a fresh and butcher quality line for the furry members of your family. We turned to a time when the town butcher put tasty treats aside for his favourite "customers". Photographs were chosen to show that this product is indeed a holistic choice that will meet all nutritional needs throughout your pet's lifespan. The brand was then translated into a digital format to ensure a uniformed brand voice.

Grandview Farms

Grass Fed & Pasture Raised. Grandview Farm's sole commitment is to animal welfare, knowing that it is the only assurance for best in class meat that is not only better tasting, but better for you. We were charged with brand architecture development and website design. Packaging and other supporting elements will follow at a later time. We developed an interactive "Meat 101" section in the site which spells out the benefits of using specific cuts of meat for different purposes. The plan is for the site to become a content rich portal for consumers as the brand unfolds and grows.