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219 Dufferin Street, Suite 104A
Toronto, ON, M6K 3J1

Slingshot is a Toronto based graphic design firm specializing in branding, packaging design & strategy development for specialty food, gifts & high end products.

Honey Water



Drink HoneyWater save the bees.

The business was built for the sole purpose of giving back. Chris and his team wanted to create awareness and take initiative by lending their support to Canadian bee farmers: but giving back was not enough. They created a healthful, great tasting product that is sure to become a "go to" refreshment in a world looking for healthier options. After all honey has been used throughout the world for centuries – artificial sweeteners? Not so much.

The Challenge

Develop a brand architecture for a new-to-market product. Convey a serious message yet not look preachy. Recall the past but not look old. Be fresh and modern but speak to heritage. Full of these diverse asks we embarked on our mission drawing influences from nature, the old corner pharmacy and instinct.

The Solution

Working in partnership with the client team, we designed a brand architecture with information dissemination at the forefront. HoneyWater had a lot to say, with a lot of data and facts to distill. We worked on copy refinement and created an organized brand hierarchy with a depth of information rarely seen in product launches.