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219 Dufferin Street, Suite 104A
Toronto, ON, M6K 3J1

Slingshot is a Toronto based graphic design firm specializing in branding, packaging design & strategy development for specialty food, gifts & high end products.

About Us

A slingshot is a small pocket tool, dependable and ready when you need to be on target.

Born out of the belief that small things can affect big change, we set out to prove that the retail shelf can be shared by both national and independent brands. We believe that this blend not only benefits consumers but also the retailers. After all both groups want the same thing: fresh & new products with exciting, inspiring and head-turning brands.



Our knowledge and community of dynamic industry partnerships creates prosperous brands.
Brands are propelled forward. Faster.

Reach, Growth and Lift

By taking the time to understand a business’ core value, we craft brand stories focussed on audience reach.
Connections are made.

Growth Through Multiples

Our retail acumen creates solutions centered around retailer acceptance.
More store listings and shelf facings.

Measurable ROI

We create dynamic brand solutions that yield greater than forecasted sell-through rates.
Higher stock / stakeholder value.

Brand solutions

“Products without a story remain a commodity. Products with a story become brands. Stories repeated become legends!”

A multi-disciplinary team established in 1999. We bring strong backgrounds in retail and shopper marketing to deliver brand communication strategies. Our mandate is simple: brands that command consumer attention sell!


We deliver brand communication solutions built around creating attention and demanding a little envy, while always defining and elevating the shopper experience.

Brands need to connect with consumers through an emotional reward. Our understanding of the retail psyche allows us to maximize your ROI by creating communication solutions that work seamlessly across multiple forms. We look at your brand’s assets, past stumbling blocks, and engage in a competitive analysis and a statement of your objectives and goals for success – then deliver measurable solutions.

how we work


We discuss your business objectives with you, and make note of areas of interest, your current assets, and what your goals are financially and artistically.


We do in-depth research about your market and competitor activities. We hold stake holder research interviews, and outline benchmarking and best practices for you and your project.


Based on our research about you and your competitors, we work with you to refine and rewrite your requirements where necessary, to ensure we are all on the same page and the right track!


We take all of our refined knowledge and put it to work for you! Developing detailed plans, creative concepts, and communication outlines, we start to bring your ideas to visual life!


Like what you’re seeing? In our implementation stage we take your chosen concept and deploy it across the board! Whether that means rolling out your SKUs, creating your ideal digital platform, co-ordinating with printers, or fullfilling your billboard dreams.


It doesn’t just end with a media rollout. We monitor your brand solutions, ensuring they work for you and your customers.


Whether you’re looking for first steps, next steps, or final steps – we can help. We take a close look at your current assets, needs and goals, and define marketing plans to help you elevate your brand.


Copy Writing

“Statements are skimmed... stories are lived.”

We know that words have the power to create a robust support system for any brand. Attracting the consumers is the first step, engaging them in the brand is the second. With a team-approach, we craft involved stories that bring the brand to life on this secondary plane; using mood, tone, and flow to develop a consistent voice. Statements are skimmed… hearty stories are enjoyed.

To aid your brand on its journey to greatness, we offer in-house copy writing and editing so your brand’s stories become legends.


shopper marketing

“To reach your objectives we focus on defining and elevating the shopper experience, while enforcing a renewed consumer relationship with your brand.”

Products without a story remain a commodity while those with a story become brands.
Stories repeated become legends!

We tell these brand stories through our shopper marketing activities. With these activities we communicate with shoppers using our understanding of how consumers behave. What drives the target audience, who influences them, where do they live, what makes them “tick”? Foregoing a pure reliance on stats, numbers and charts, we rely on basic human instinct. Does it feel good, look good, taste good? Is this a place where I want to be / can I relate? It is for this reason that we bring tactility, emotion and light humor to many of our brand marketing solutions. With our copy writing skills and a keen understanding of photography art direction, we are able to create campaigns where words and pictures work in unison to create one focused message.


Digital activation

“Consumer relationships no longer end with a product purchase, they continue to grow and live through digital means.”

Branding no longer stops and ends with a physical product, it now has a second life past the shelf and in the digital sphere. Websites and social media have become integral to building not just a brand story, but a working relationship with your customers. It welcomes your new and old arrivals to a community of like-minded individuals; a community where they can hunt down new information, check the latest news, and ask you questions directly. This type of transparency and loyalty to your consumer base has become the norm, and is now seen as a true sign of a company with proper values.

Using both in-house knowledge and collaborative relationships, we bring unique websites on user-friendly platforms and high-performance social media campaigns to the table. Products change, new information and skus come on board, success stories become stars… so we want to make sure you have the tools at your disposal to easily update your website – and your instagram – to reflect your growing business.


Slingshot Inc.


219 Dufferin Street Suite 104A
Toronto, ON Canada M6K 3J1
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c/o 575 8th Avenue, 11th Floor
New York, NY 10036