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219 Dufferin Street, Suite 104A
Toronto, ON, M6K 3J1

Slingshot is a Toronto based graphic design firm specializing in branding, packaging design & strategy development for specialty food, gifts & high end products.



Packaging design, logo design, and website design and development for Nut Works. Selection of nut products. Almonds, cashews, peanuts, trail mix, web design, organic, natural.


Healthy Eating Never Tasted so Good!

Like many manufacturing based companies, the time had come to take a near 30 year old business into its next phase. With their extensive experience in sourcing the best quality and the best pricing, paired with new support from the next generation of the family coming on board, it was time for the business to enter a new phase. We were charge with the exciting opportunity to create two retail brands from the ground up, and so Nutworks and Pebbles were born. One specializes in nuts and fruit while the other in seeds and grains. Between the two, eating healthy is easier than ever, and retailers have two exciting new lines to offer.




Branding, Packaging, Web Design & Development


Triple Goodness

Nutworks logo design
Nutworks Packaging Design
Nutworks Web Design
Nutworks Packaging Design
Nutworks Tradeshow Design